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The Mac OS platform (Mac Application Development) is counted amongst one of the unique strengths of Tierney. Since the foundation of this company in 2008, the Mac Application Development services have its unique competence in the market. As we began our operations the Mac Application Development for all Apple OS versions (workstations and servers) and Mac Application Development Tools (from older ones like Mac OS 8.6 to latest like Snow Leopard). We have handled all kind of technologies and industry standard tools. We deal in all kinds of Mac Application Development , be it the System-level or the User Interface Applications for Android Applications.

Mac OS Classic Migration/Porting Services for Mac Mobile Application Development :
          Classic Mac OS to OS X (Carbon/Cocoa) Application Porting.
          Classic Mac OS to Windows Porting.
          CodeWarrior to Xcode Porting.
          PowerPlant/Carbon to Cocoa Porting.
          Open Transport (OT), AppleTalk, QuickTime.
          CodeWarrior, Project Builder, MPW (Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop).
          AppleScript, Mac App, PowerPlant, Carbon, Mac Toolbox API.
Mac OS 9/Classic Mac Projects And Systems
We at Tierney worked in Mac OS 9/Mac Classic technologies and are involved in Mac Software Application Development projects mentioned below:-
          We developing Web Proxy Server product for both Mac OS9 and Mac OSX, which is the only software of its kind and is loaded with features like filtering, caching, blocking pop-ups and content and is compatible with browsers on Mac applications (Safari, Mozilla or other). This particular project involves Open Transport, Carbon programming, C++, CodeWarrior 8.x and Valentina Database System.
           We Develop high-performance Document Translator product which translates proprietary rich (embedded) XML content question banks/test papers to a popular proprietary document/layout format. This particular Mac application development project includes conversions of tables, styles, pictures, and

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book report writers powerful math equations, and involves Carbon programming, batch-processing, third-party libraries for image conversions, SAX based parser, and MathML-ASCII conversions.
          We deal in migration of EcoBeaker, a leading ecology/evolution simulation software from Mac OS Classic to Windows. This Mac application is compatible with Mac OS 8.x and has very complex processing and graphics. But we have completed this project within the stipulated time period of three months. The migration work involved dealing with three changes at the same time: Platform migration from Mac applications to Windows, Compiler migration from CodeWarrior to VC++, and class library migration from PowerPlant to MFC.

Mac Applications
For its clients in the following industries:
          Publishing Software Solutions.
           Education or E-Learning or Training Software Solutions.
          Games and Entertainment Software.
          Graphics/Imaging/Media Technology Solutions.
          Mathematical/Biological Science Software Solutions.
Tierney has published few comprehensive whitepapers related to Mac OS memory management and issues in porting to/from Windows/Mac OS environment during the days of Classic Mac Application Development for Software.

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