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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Goal

      The aim of this document is to outline TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS (referred to as "the Company") policies and procedures for Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR").



      CSR programmes in UK shall be implemented through the TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS Foundation, dedicated teams of the Company, including employees who are part of CSR projects, through associate volunteering. TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS may work as implementing partners for its CSR programmes with NGOs, trusts, government bodies, educational institutions, other corporate and industry associations and other appropriate implementing organisations.

The implementation of programmes outside UK shall be carried out through TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS teams and in partnership with NGOs, trusts, government bodies, educational institutions, other corporate and industry associations and other appropriate implementing organisations.


  • Recommending the CSR policy to the Board, indicating the activities to be undertaken by the company,
  • Recommending the expenditure to be incurred on CSR activities
  • Disclosing the content of the policy, including the projects undertaken with its report on the company's website.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the activity. In computing such profits, the completely owned and partially-owned subsidiaries as well as the overseas branches shall not be considered.


      The operating procedure for UK will be aligned with the requirements of the Companies Act 2013, as set out in Annex for reference.

      Proposals for new CSR activities, as and when received, shall be assessed in terms of appropriateness and alignment with TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS CSR policy. The same shall be submitted to the CSR Committee for approval when the evaluation process is cleared.

As per the CSR policy, the budget for approved projects and projects underway shall be submitted for approval to the CSR Committee. The actual expenditure on the budget shall also be submitted to the CSR Committee for review on a quarterly basis.


      In the scenario of other geographical locations, the implementation procedure will be aligned with local requirements and compliance, if any required.


      The annual CSR report and plan will be included in the TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS Annual Financial Report of the Directors and submitted to the Board for approval by the CSR Committee. The report for UK will comply with the requirements set out in Section Companies Act of UK.


      The respective TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS other geographical locations will certainly proceed with any local CSR regulatory reporting requirements and comply them in regularity. A consolidated report covering the CSR activities of all locations will be drawn up and presented to the Board.


Leading the Way:

      TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS commitment to CSR stems from the continued concern of the Tata Group for society and the environment. The concern expressed in the words as it says, "In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in our business, but, in fact, the very purpose of its existence."

      CSR programmes at TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS aim to create sustainable well-being. The guiding principle is 'Impact through Empowerment,' where results and measurable impacts are achieved through long-term sustained effort.

      TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS seeks to leverage the strength of its global presence and a large staff base to transform the delivery of social programmes while using its IT expertise to create agility and efficiency.

      TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS demonstrates community care through its focus on education & skills development, health & wellness and environmental sustainability, including biodiversity, energy & water conservation. TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS also seeks to extend support in the event of natural disasters.

      Programs conducted outside U.K. will be selected on the basis of the vision and strengths of the Company, based on the needs of local communities. The respective geographies shall, if any, comply with the local CSR regulatory selection requirements. Other areas as reviewed and considered appropriate by the CSR Committee of the Board may also be included in the list of CSR programmes undertaken by TIERNEY IT SOLUTIONS.

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