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      Tierney IT Solutions is a company providing professional-level customized solutions, web applications development, full-featured online shopping stores, open source development services. We design, manage, build and maintain high quality solutions for a wide range of businesses and individuals. We have built our business by working with clients, to ensure the solutions we develop are profitable for them. We do not only provide Offshore web development services but also see that our services help accomplish your business ambitions and objectives.

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Our Services

Enterprise Solutions

      Enterprise solutions or Business solutions are created to link different aspects of a company's operations by exchanging relative data from various business process areas and related databases.


IT Outsourcing

       Amidst the advent of Information Technologies, businesses are becoming increasingly complex, and businesses must work hard to achieve dominance in every enterprise function to remain competitive.


Application Development

       Commercial software doesn't seem to be providing you with anything you require? From identifying, developing, evaluating, and deploying software that is personalised and tailored to your needs, we've got you covered.


Mobile Application Development

      As smartphones advance, more people are using them to access websites and applications. We will assist you in developing a mobile application or website for your company to target this demographic, increasing your exposure and income.


Testing and Quality

      Our extensive quality management mechanisms at each level are designed to ensure that the software solutions are of high quality. We also provide application review services to ensure that the applications follow industry requirements.


Technical Consulting

       Our consultants assist businesses in transforming themselves by improving efficiency and productivity while also promoting new ideas. There are several businesses offering services to consumers in today's pace with the fast business world.


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